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7 Years
May 7, 2012
Wimberley, TX
I'm working on my materials list for a new coop/run to segregate my Buckeyes from the others and try raising them. I was thinking self-stick vinyl tiles for the flooring, which seems to be popular, quick and an inexpensive way to do that. Then I thought maybe just sealing the floor with Thompson's water seal - after all, there will be pine shavings pretty much covering the floor, but need to protect the plywood. Anyone know of any problem with using water seal only on the floor - does it create any problems for the birds? I can't think of any, but thought I'd check with those of you who have maintained your coops for a while. My primary coop - rough-built - uses the ground as a floor, but I like the idea of a raised house to provide shade underneath during these hot Texas summers.

Input appreciated - BYC is a great place to learn!
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I painted my plywood floor with two coats of "Acrylic Enamal Porch and Floor Paint" (grey) over a year ago. I did my first cleanout of deep litter a couple weeks ago, and the paint looked like new. No experience with the linoleum tiles, but I've read several posts from people who used them with poor results. They say the tile come loose in time. My guess would be temperature swings from summer to winter, but maybe it's a non-issue in Texas.


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