Floppy comb?


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Mar 27, 2013
I'm not sure if there's a technical name for it but I'm just going to call it a floppy comb. I noticed a few of my pullets and cockerels have been growing in their combs. A few of the cockerels combs are starting to flop over, instead I growing straight up like the others.
Only one pullet looks like her comb isn't growing straight up.
My questions; is this a sign of anything wrong with them? Is it just in the breed? Can I fix it any way?
They're age ranges from 6 weeks to 9 weeks and still have a lot of growing to do.
It's absolutely fine! The reason for the floppiness is because the comb is too tall to "stand up." I've seen bunches of chickens with floppy combs, even if the comb wasn't tall.
I'm curious...my 5 month old NHR laid her first egg yesterday (yeah!!!!) and today her comb is floppy! I read in one forum that she may be dehydrated, but otherwise she looks and acts fine. Glad to hear that it may just be too tall. Maybe her body is a bit stressed and this is a reaction...???? Oh, and her egg seemed small. (A little under two inches) Do they get larger, or is this an indicator of the size she will be laying.
I have the same issue. My head girl just laid her first egg last week and now her comb looks like this (see below). Her first egg was huge so maybe she was overly stressed. Please let me know if any action should be taken.
I think it's okay
My leghorns comb flopped over when she started laying and it's just because it is too tall to stand up.

Unless she is acting sickly, lethargic or the comb starts losing color, I think she is okay. It's normal for new laying pullets to lay abnormally large or small eggs their first few times. They usually get the hang of it after a few eggs.
Originally, one of my really young bantams comb looked like it was starting to flop over, at only about 10 weeks so they weren't close to laying. Whatever it was, their combs look fine now and the larger combed breeds, just flopped over when they started to lay.
Thanks for the feedback, she is acting normal so I guess it's as you say. Over protective first time chicken mom!

Thanks again.
My White leghorn started laying on Thanksgiving and what a doo.. Her comb looks like a bad hair piece.. I thought something was wrong with her because she was 6 weeks longer on laying than he sisters .. Red and Black.At first she was getting "bullied" by the other two ..then she started standing up to them with a face to face peck.....Now all is great in the house. I love the hobby we get 2 brown and 1 white egg every day now.. Happy Happy Happy!
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Bad Comb Day!
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I have......had 6 white leghorns lost one a few weeks ago and another started to act strange the other day...pale comb with it starting to turn purple on the back end slow to react or keep up with the rest of the flock...I thought sour crop with it feeling soft and full of liquid the comb has also flopped over? Could it be sour crop killing my girls one by one any input and treatment ideas would be great the entire flock had a Epsom salt/water dose today.

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