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8 Years
Apr 30, 2011
My husband who's never had a garden, is insisting that I should put our coffee grounds directly on the garden. Please let me know if you think this is a good idea
I've been putting mine on my garden box ... and the "bad" potatoes at the bottom keep trying to sprout in between frosts. The last time we had a spell of 60s+ the tops of grocery store carrots started to send out some green. They're supposed to be turning into compost ...
I put mine in the compost bowl. After the chickens have a go at it, who knows what happens. Coffee grounds are slightly acidic, with a small percentage of nitrogen. I can't see any harm done, if scattered out.
Coffee grinds are great for any garden soil, not just Florida. It not only is a nitrogen supplement but it also deters certain garden pests. You can either add the soil directly to your garden or put it in with your regular compost.
Coffee grounds are great!! They are super for berries, and grapes as well. They are acidic so anything that says it prefers an acidic soil. They are also great for worms, which are great for the garden. I put all sorts of stuff in my garden. Egg shells and wood stove ashes are also great. As you can see in my avatar, our yields are great. Since you are in FL, I would be definately growing melons. Not so easy to do up here in the north.
Here in Central Florida the weather has been warm for some time now so all of my plants are in a growing fine. The first planting of the tomatoes all have fruit on them and should begin my first picking in a few weeks. My problem has been with the beets. I put the seeds in the ground in mid February and they sprouted about 10 days later. Since that time they have hardly grown at all. Most of them still look like new sprouts and this is the first time I have ever encountered this. For whatever reason they are alive and seem OK except that they have not grown to over 1/2 inch. Anyone have any ideas?? Everything else I have planted has been fine, including tomatoes, peppers and egg plants.

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