Flowering Shrub ID

Nov 28, 2017
Could anyone help me ID this plant? It flowers and I believe it’s a shrub. My uncle gave it to me last year and I left it out all winter, it was content and suffered no damage below zero. It now, once again, has bright green leaves and bunches of small pink flowers. I’m in England, if that helps, he probably got it via mail order. Thank you.



It’s not climbing and has no nodes or vines, it just grows long thin branches so I tied them up as we have dogs.
Some variety of crabapple maybe? I'd start there anyway.

Thank you, I’ll look them up!

Edit: @NewBoots I couldn’t find anything that matches, but I just wondered if you know if I can propagate this plant? It can’t be split so I was thinking maybe new growth would be soft enough to root? That’s the only reason I want to ID it
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