Fluid Filled Breast on Hen.......Help


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Apr 29, 2007
One of my Cochins has a large area of "fluid" on her breast
area, it moves when she walks and I looked under her feathers and can see no injury. Anyone ever had this? Not sure what to do, it doesn't seem painful. If this was on a horse I would use a syringe to draw it off, just have no clue and haven't ever experienced this with a chicken.
It sounds like a crop to me. Large puffy balloon like, feels squishy when you touch it. Is between the neck and breast area. Can often times feel very large.........


So what should I do for her? My Equine vet will be here Wed, I wonder if he could help? He gives my dogs their rabies shots for me and he had to treat a variety of animals before specializing in Equine.
Since the crop is a part of her body, you shouldn't have to do anything unless it gets very, very hard. That's called impacted crop, but it doesn't sound like she has impacted crop. Good luck!


P.S. Welcome to BYC!
The crop is suppose to be puffy and mushy... don't do anything. If it's the crop it's a normal part of the digestion process.........

Maybe you should google poultry/chicken crop and read up on it a bit so you don't worry.

THanks! I always worry about the "kids" we are finally getting ready to move them to the "real" coop/run, they have been living in a stall in my barn since they were old enough to leave home.
It's good to worry about them that's why 7000 people can find a reason to join a forum about them, lol!!! First thing in the morning the crop should be so much smaller from the digestion at night...see all the poop in the morning under the roost?!! If yours is still enormously distended in the morning then you may have caue for alarm, my bet it your chicken just ate alot of bugs and treats during the day!!
all of mine have that but sometimes its hard, sometimes its squishy...never been a problem for mine

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