flys around chicken coops


8 Years
Apr 10, 2011
Branson, missouri
I bought 6 fly traps from jeffers a few weeks ago. i didnt think they were working so i didnt even bother to hang the last three. That was 2 weeks ago, and i didnt bother to look at them until today look at the picture the green bottles got 10 times the clear ones, so when ordering fly traps try to get GREEN ones. I bought the pop bottle kind because they are reusable as opposed to toss ems that i normally get. and dont try to put them in your house they do stink. In the photo. the black is piles of dead flies thousands of them. I highlighted the flies with purple.

Donna in branson who hates flys

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SAVE YOUR MONEY! Got a plastic milk jug? Dont even wash it out, put a coupla tespoons of milk in a pint of water. several drops of dish soap to wet the water, and a dice sized piece of any kind of meat to ripen . Around the top where the jug fills out to go down drill one 1/2 inch hole in the plastic, per side, try to keep it smooth but it can be punched with a pocket knife. Hang it anywhere it the building where the peeps, horses, cows, pigs, anything cant play with it, and collect more materials for another in about 2 weeks. Tehy take about 3 days of warmth to start to work, and the flies that cant fly very well, climb in for the scent, and get overwhelmed and trapped. They work too well, and make even me squeemish with the collection. IT REEKS too. So save the trouble and dont dump it out, just trash the whole thing and start over. All natural, no chems or electricity. The same thing works for Yellow jacket wasps, just use overipe apple or peach, or pear. They bounce around off the walls and fall into the stew too. Nothing to buy, just goodbye to pests..
How long does it take the traps to work? I filled with water to the line, hung it in the run, and have 3 flies in it and a million flying around. On the plus side...It's apparently a cat attractant to.
I didn't have chickens last year, just the dogs. I kept the yard very clean. I put the traps out and they were full. The only question I had was "Am I attracting flies from the whole neighborhood? Are they comming from miles away attracted by the traps??" Anyone else feel this happened to them?

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