FLYS!! What to do?????Help!!


7 Years
May 18, 2012
Hi I have a rabbit hutch style coop that I keep near my shed. I house chicks and pullets in there and then move them to bigger coops. The floor is screened, so I dont have to worry about cleanup so much. The droppings fall through to the ground.

What can I do about the fly problem? I dont wanna use poisons on the ground due to free ranging chickens, and I have a couple of thsose fly traps with the liquid in them, but they dont even really work.

What can I do that is safe nd will take care of the fly problem.!!!!!!
I haven't tried this, but saw them all around when I was in Corpus Christi, TX last month. Hang a sealed ziplock bag filled with water near the area. The locals told me the water bags "scare" the flies away. I googled it & found that lots of people claim it works. It's cheap & easy to try at least!!

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