Flystrike - chances of recovery?


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Sep 13, 2014
Hi, I have a very poorly Orpington who I only discovered yesterday has a horrid case of flystrike. I discovered it after bathing her as she had been acting oddly (coming into the house, standing around, hiding in strange places in the garden). I got all the visible maggots out but the vent looked really horrid. I took her to the vet and he gave her a 50/50 chance of pulling through, he said the next 24 hours were make or break and she has just past that time. She is no better however and is sleeping mainly though occasionally perks up and tries to walk before then closing her eyes.

The vet gave her a jab of antibx and painrelief and sprayed her rear end with insecticide. I've given her a bath this morning too. I've given her some nutri drops and am able to give her water via a syringe, she occasionally has drunk herself when offered but less than yesterday.

I know there's a thread on here with a happy ending but really what are her chances?? The vet said if she was still alive on Monday to go back for more antibx/assessment.

I don't want her to suffer but if there's a chance she'll pull through, I want to give her the best chance.

Thanks in advance for any advice.


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Sorry about your hen. Chickens can recover amazingly well from some pretty bad injuries. Since she is a pet and still seems to be trying, would be inclined to give her the chance and see what the vet says on Monday. Not sure if you have seen the info on it, but tube feeding is a good way to feed/water birds that won't eat. nice link on it


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My hen pulled through a bad case of flystrike. Thoroughly bathed the area and sprayed Vetericyn wound care on while still wet. After the area dried I sprayed Screw wrom/Ear tick wound spray (permethrin) on and kept her separated and on antibiotics for a week. She pulled through and is completely normal.

Actually I need to amend this after reading my notes tonight. I used Vetericyn 3x day for the first week. It did miracles drying it out and closing the wound. I kept her inside my house so the flies or roosters wouldn't irritate the area. During this time I gave her Duramycin antibiotic. After 7 days I sprayed the Prozap screw worm/ear tick spray on the area and let her out. It prevented flies from attacking the area. The spray is blue but will fade with time. My hen had it right below the vent so I made sure no roosters could mount her for several weeks. When I see a poopy butt hen I either bathe the area, or spray it with Prozap if my time is limited. I came close to losing her since I didn't realize she had flystrike until it was almost too late. Thank you fellow byc member Michael Apple for the successful remedy.
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