FNG from TN in CT


6 Years
Sep 24, 2013
Hello all! I don't have birds yet but they are in the grand scheme! My wife and I are stationed in CT for another year than off to the next port. We are looking to do chickens and water fowl on a place back home.

Welcome Welcome Welcome

As a wife of a Merchant Marine....I love off to the next port reference - Gypsum is loaded in CT. Not sure if you are into the Maritime stuff but very tongue in cheek....

So in Maritime Verbage..... What size coop are you planing to build Length Over All and Beam
How many souls will you crew that coop with?

Glad you joined us.

I'm a Sailor so I'm as nautical as they come. The size and breeds in the chicken cruiser is up for Admirals approval (Wife). But the idea is to have a chicken tractor for night and allow movement during day. I'll build them (multiple) to allow for how many we decide on plus 50%. Just in case. I'm also looking at water fowl , Scovies , weeders and maybe some others.

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