Foamy, runny poop in chick


5 Years
Jun 11, 2017
I have a chick that has foamy, runny poop and I can't remember what that means. Three of the 5 also shake their heads quite a bit. I've had chickens for 5 years now but these two things are new to me. I've been looking around but not finding a definitive answer on what to do.
They are indoors with a heat lamp eating Nutrena Nature Wise chick starter grower. Their water has Durvet vitamins and electrolytes since I read the head shaking could be from a lack of vitamins. I also have a few drops of Nutri Drench after I first got them since one chick was a runt and seemed to be not doing so great at first. (And is now half the size of the others but I have no idea what the breed is)

Any ideas of what to try next would be greatly appreciated.


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How old are the chicks? What is the temperature in the room and under the heat lamp at it warmest spot? That looks like cecal poop, fermented in the ceca, and that happens every so many droppings. If they are too warm, they might be drinking a lot of water and having runny poops. Electrolytes given for more than a day or two can add to runny poops. Can you post any pictures of the little one? Is it eating, drinking, and active? Coccidiosis can be a cause of runny droppings, followed by lethargy, puffing up, and not eating. Corid (amprollium) in the water is the usual treatment for that.
Figures I'm over doing it. They were all born on 6/7. The tiny one was born as part of a hatch at the school I was working at. The others weren't letting it eat and it was screaming a lot. All the eggs were standard size and this one had a hard hatch. We weren't expecting it to survive but it pulled through.

This first pic was the original group at 5 days old and you can see her (hopefully a her) in the front of the group trying to cuddle with the others. The second one is her with one of her new sisters (ISA Brown that I bought the night I brought her home so she wouldn't be alone.) They were all about the same size when I got them. I don't know what her parents were I just remember the neighbor telling me the father is white with black spots.

The room temp is 71 but every thermometer I'm grabbing seems to be broken tonight. I had moved it up an inch or so because they were all not sleeping under it anymore so I assumed they were too hot. After I moved it up they came back underneath it.


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I would make sure it is eating and drinking. If runny poops persist, probiotics may be helpful, and you can always treat for possible coccidiosis. But if she was being kept from food, that may have been the reason for her small size. She alao could have been a runt, or a result of a bad hatch.
Thank you. I have seen her eat with these girls, it was just the first group that was mean to her. Is it really ok to treat them for coccidiosis if they don't have it?

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