Food in Coop and Run?


May 25, 2019
I've just added on a run to my coop and the quail are living it up. I've confirmed that all know how to get back up in the coop. I keep water in both the coop and the run but I'm wondering if I should have food available in both as well? I have 4 Coturnix girls in about 36 sq ft now. Might add a few more down the road.
It doesn't hurt to have food in more than one spot to avoid the dominant bird from camping on it, disallowing any others to eat. Be certain to not leave feed overnight, as that just encourages rats, roaches and who knows what other manner of beast. Be advised that should you decide to get a male, that you limit it to ONE male, as male Japanese Coturnix Quail can and will fight, sometimes to the death, for the right to mate.
Do you take the food out of both the coop and run every night? The quail spend the nights in either the run or the coop. The coop is getting less and less use.

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