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    My ameracauana and blue andelusian are at least 24 weeks and are not laying..they have been doing the squat submit thing for two weeks or so. Is there are reason they arent laying yet? I feed them Organic feed and give them whatever is left of my oatmeal in the mornings (mon-fri) and give them alot of sprouting mung beans. i throw in left over veggies too. Is this ok? Is what I am feeding them making them not lay? can that even happen?
    they look healthy..and happy..lots of room to roam..
    i dont know.
    just curious.
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    Jul 16, 2009
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    Keep waiting. You'll get eggs soon.
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    Quote:Im not sure why they aren't laying yet, cant help you with that [​IMG] However, it may be because the daylight is reducing, they need around 14 hours from the ovary to release an egg.
    Yeah, its good that you throw in your leftovers, its good for them, and will make their eggs ever so tasty [​IMG]
    The food wont stop them laying, but I am currently doing an experiment to see if fruit affects laying, and so far it is showing, that fruit reduces laying.
    But, what you feed them shouldn't greatly affect their laying abilities. Hopefully they should start laying in the next few weeks, especially as they're squatting

    Good luck!!

    eggsrcool [​IMG]
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    I have a light on a timer..its set to go off at 5 am to 8am. it has made my RIR lay earlier than usual now. I'm hopeing the others start soon.

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