Foot issue that's out of control!

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Jul 27, 2021
I have battling foot issues in my rooster for quite some time now and it has spiraled out of control! At first I thought leg mites, treated as such, then I thought bumblefoot, tried to remove kernals without much success, now I'm thinking maybe gout. I just don't really know! None of my other chickens have this issue and this rooster has it in BOTH feet. Crazy enough, he still walks around, even running some now, on them. I have been administering oral clindamycin now for over a week. It seems to have helped him feel better but the feet aren't looking much better. The backs of his legs are red all the way up too. What can I do? What is this? I've already taken him to a vet but he isn't an avian specialist or anything. He thought bumblefoot and gave me some antibiotic injections, that didn't much help either. He appears completely healthy as far as his colors and comb go, its just these feet!!! I soak him 2-3 times a week in epsom salt because he seems to like it. He's even had bubble baths before when he decided to lay down in the oil I was dipping his feet in because I thought mites. He hasn't always been cooperative, he used to be mean, but now, since I've been handling him a lot, he seems to like me haha. I legit feel absolutely horrible about this and I'm trying so hard to help him.


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Awe. Poor guy. Love the bubble bath photo! I wonder if it is gout? Could the redness be normal hormones? Roosters tend to get red on the legs due to hormones. Is his feet warm to the touch? I don't have any advice, but hopefully someone comes along with some good advice.
That is definitely bumble foot. He could also have scaly leg mites.
When a foot abrasion gets infected with a staph infection, that creates bumblefoot. The first treatment is a warm water Epsom salt soak. That has to be twice a day. You need to wrap the foot to keep more bacteria from the wound.
Sometimes surgery is necessary but not always.
Many entities, including myself, have had success with herbal treatments of Hypericum, Echinacea and Calendula.
Doing surgery is a last resort and being invasive can introduce more bacteria.
I’ve had good results using PRID on bumble foot. First I wash the foot, then soak in very warm Epsom salts water. I apply lump of the PRID to a strip of gauze dressing (cut to fit wrapped a bit around). Hold that in place using strips of vetwrap. It essentially makes a shoe.
I really think that appears to be articular gout. There could also be some bumblefoot because of the swelling in the toes. The feet and toes have a very lumpy appearance. There can be a whole lot of possible causes. You can try to find some pictures online or in some BYC threads. It probably cannot be confirmed without doing a necropsy if you lose him, to look for the white coating (uric acid crystals) that appears on organs and in the legs. Or have a vet do some blood work. I’m certainly not a vet, just giving an opinion. Here is a very good article about possible causes an pictures:
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