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    Jul 1, 2011
    a very troubled, stuborn and impulsive 18 year old. been walking that tightrope between doimg what she needs to do and staying out of the law...barely. situations gotten so bad that she cant stay with family or friends. she steals then hawks for really stupid stuff, game systems or food. her mom says she doesnt drink or do drugs, she doesnt act like it, just no concern for anyone bit what she can get, or how she can manipulate people. she left home today, so is store for some very serious, scary life lessons. no plan but to live with another 18 year old guy in a camper. neither has a job, very little money. she left home because she tried to enlist her 12 year old sister with her by sneaking out at 2 AM.
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    Yep, lifes about to hit her hard... :/
    OR maybe she'll have to grow up and she'll do okay... time will tell..
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    Sometimes people have to crash and burn before they can straighten out. Hopefully she will survive the 'crash' and mature. [​IMG]
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    Consider a mental health evaluation.
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    Prayers! [​IMG]

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