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7 Years
Jul 17, 2012
Well, I processed my first rooster today. He's been pissin...err...really bothering the hens, so I put him in the isolation coop, the DW said I could send it to the Freezer Farm, and she left to see her mom (in her defense, mom's been in the hospital for 10 days, do it's been a major thing!).

I guess after cleaning far more fish than I can ever count, and earning a degree in cell bio back in the 70's, it just didn't seem to be as big a thing as I read around here. The rooster lived a more natural life, I hope. I killed him quickly and contained him as he died. I thanked him for being part of our life out here on the ranch, and let him know that I'll be food as well some day. Chicken Carma, I guess! Or is it Khicken Karma?

He's in the fridge for a coupla days to age, then will be a bbq. He was about 4-5 months old, so should still be good. I'm aging him breast side down, which I hear is the best way to preserve moisture.

He was a trial run. After all the hassle of setting up the cone, the bath, and the table to clean, I can sure see why it's a good idea to raise a bunch, process a bunch, and freeze a bunch. I just wanted a trial run!

Richard in Neenach
I'll butcher a bird any day over cleaning fish!

It doesn't always have to be some big thang, just so many folks are so disconnected from their food and have never killed anything.

Hope he tastes good and your hens are happier!
I can sure see where a mechanical plucker would be handy if you were processing several birds, but for just a few, it might not be worth the bother. The Ebay specials that attach to a drill might be a good idea.

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