For newbies mail ordering chicks


14 Years
Mar 30, 2008
For newbies mail ordering chicks, contact your post office and ask how they handle it. I live in a rural area, and have mail delivery. Our closest 'city' where the mail comes through is about 15 miles away. When my chicks come in, they call me, and I leave IMMEDIATELY to pick them up. These calls usually come between 10PM and midnight. I go around back to the loading area, and ring a buzzer on the door. They let me in, I get my chicks, and within an hour of me getting the call my babies are home under a heat lamp. I never knew that I could go at night to get them until they called one night and I asked when they open so that I could get them. So call and ask - you may be able to go get them right away. I also call the PO on the day that the chicks are shipped to tell them that I am expecting live poultry, and make sure that they have my number to call on arrival. The sooner your birds are home, the better it is for them.

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