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    Feb 14, 2009
    Clark County, IL
    I have a few goats for sale now that my human kids have narrowed their 4H choices:

    A) Spice -- 2 yr old pygmy nanny goat, fawn with facial stripes, twinned two years -- $40

    B) Jack Frost -- 1 yr old pygmy/boer wether, dark brown, small -- $30

    C) Billy Bob -- 1 yr old %Boer wether, white with red, head -- $40

    D) Kaylee -- 1 yr old %Boer (>75) nanny, all dark red, placed 3rd in class 4H show last year as doeling under 5 mos, very tractable, great genetics, but stayed small -- $40

    E) Tally -- 1 yr old 3/4 Kiko nanny, former bottle baby, blonde, small, possibly bred to 75%+ Boer buck due ~May -- $60

    I am not sure how to post pictures here, but can email any who are interested.

    We are roughly 15 minutes on the Illinois side of Terre Haute, IN.
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