For sale in West Central Indiana- pullets, and some baby roos ALL SOLD


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Apr 24, 2009
Tab, Indiana
I have some 9 week old pullets for sale. Here is the list:

2-Silver laced Wyandottes $8 each

2-Bantam Splash Cochins $8 each

3-Bantam Partridge Cochins $8 each

1-Amber Sexlink $5

All of them were vaccinated for Marek's disease, except the Sexlink. They get handled regularly and are very sweet, people friendly birds. I also have for sale:

5-1 week old Rhode Island Red chicks (all cockerels) $3 each

3-1 week old straight run Bantam Buff Orpingtons $4 each

PM me if you are local and are interested. I will not ship.

I am pretty sure I have all these little birdies sold. If not, I will repost them. But thanks to everyone that inquired, and hopefully next Spring I will have some little chicks and eggs for sale!
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I am South on 41 from Northern Indiana. If you google it, the easiest towns to find close to me are Attica or Williamsport. My zip is 47917, but you won't get a completely accurate map cause I don't live in Ambia. I actually live about 20 minutes from it but we share their zip.
I would like to have the two wyandottes and a partridge if you could meet me somewhere near half way.. I'll check this post again monday for your answer because this is my work computer. Thanks for your time.
I can meet you somewhere around Lebanon, but I can't til I have some gas money. I have to see how much money I have after I get paid on the 19th. I will let you know then. That's if you don't mind waiting a little bit for them.

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