For those w/egg color or size ???s, today's eggs (1 pic)


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Nov 9, 2007
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I've noticed alot of questions lately about the first eggs and what to expect size or color-wise, so I decided to post this pic.
My chickens are all LF brahmas. The first girl to lay (@ 19 weeks) has been laying for 4 weeks, 2 for 3 weeks, 2 for 2 weeks and one for about a week. The white egg is a store bought one. The color range changes daily and my favorites are when they lay a beautiful brown-speckled egg.

One I couldn't post a pic of, because I haven't had one recently, is the funny little oblong eggs. Every time I get one of those I am pretty sure a new girl is laying.

I think it is neat how each hen has her own egg. I have 11 delaware, 10 black austrolorp, 4 BO, and 2 EE. None of our eggs are the same. I can tell wich one comes from a couple, but the others all vary so much. I love the speckles, too.


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Well, I used to be able to tell who layed what, but after I posted that pic I went back out to the coop and found two more! That's a total of eight eggs today, so I think I'm gonna give up on the who layed it game.

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