Forever Wild Exotic Animal Santcuary>>. They WON Now Open


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Mar 3, 2009
Stand up and be heard!
June 2, 2009 The County of San Bernardino has granted us a hearing to (hopefully) allow us to open to the public!
But we need strong public support from you. Can you attend the hearing with us? We would love to meet you and welcome you to the FW family.

June 18th at 9am.
Board of Supervisors hearing chambers(first floor)
County of San Bernardino - Administration
385 N. Arrowhead Avenue - 1st Floor
San Bernardino, California 92415-0182

County of San Bernardino Planning Department
(909) 387-4131

Just wanted to give those in this area the oppurtunity to help .. DebiRaymond had started a post about this and I have been checking back on there website alot .. Just thought if anyone in this area wanted to help these amazing folks and there wonderful creatures, I would let you know

ETA .. Here is the link for their site..
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Oh, this was the family I saw on the Home building show!!! The remodeled it to make it better to open up and educate people. As well as get them a better house to live in, but they bettered the animals' living too and I really opened my heart to them!

Thank you so much for the link.... emailing it out!
Thanks for the help... They really need help right now do to the state being meanies about there road.. Hopefully some folks can help support them tommorow...
Isnt it terrible.. But I have a really good feeling about this... My Spidey sense's are tingling...

This is something that I have always wanted to due , there is just a huge need for lovinsafe homes for these poor creatures..

This is yet another reminder to folks to not help the exotic animal trade , if there is no demand then they will move, to something that does...
A good portion of those animals are rehabbed and sent back to the wild. Many need medical attention, many suffer from malnutrition. Many will be there permanently due to the exotic animal trade. These people put their hearts and souls into this work.
Just wanted to let anyone who was wondering that Forever Wild is open for tours .... I am soo happy for then these seem like amazing paople and now hopefully thru donations and visitors they can continue to help exotic animals in the US
I've watched this family go from Extreme Makeover Home Edition, during the renovation, their entertainment business burned down, which they didn't show on TV. Then the County shut them down. The Board of Supervisors are people I am VERY familiar with because I work in transit and they sit on our Board too. Some very open minds and kind hearts are on that Board and I am very thankful that it only took one meeting for a unanimous vote to open the road.

For those who don't know, this family and I are in the same town. The fact that the county wanted that road paved is ridiculous. Only the main streets in this town are paved. Which is 5 roads. The rest is dirt, and theirs is gravel!!!! Gravel is a huge upgrade around here.

Power to the people!!!!!!!!
Great Post you guys!! Great way to get this out there

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