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12 Years
Feb 17, 2009
North Georgia
Yup, not formal at all, I just started right in posting:

I used to have chickens and geese (along with the usual dogs and cats)... but missed having geese after some years and a move, so I ordered 4 tufted buffs from Metzger, may want to breed them.
And I decided I wanted ducks for a change after seeing runners, I NEED comedy in my life!!!!
So I ordered 5 penciled runners and 2 mini silkie ducks and 3 mini-Silver appleyards (had to get 10 of something, all from Holdereads show stock. Might want to show them and they are my birthday presents!
(Now what kind of lady wants geese and ducks for her birthday when she can have clothes , jewelery or the other stuff women are supposed to want. (shoes? purses?)
I also have 3 horses , 3 arab arab- crosses and a rescue donkey, 2 rat terriers and keeping my daughters Jack russel and cat, and another cat.
I also have been homeschooling for 25 years and am almost done! Next I need to start some business or two....
Also live in rural NW GA. touching a National Forest.....
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