found a clutch of eggs in brushpile.....broody???

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    May 2, 2009
    I have a porcelain banty that, has never come out of the pen, that in the last couple of weeks has been coming out (There is a hole in the electric fence netting they go in and out of) and hanging out by a brush pile we have. Walking thru the yard with gd last eve. we found 4 of her eggs under the pile. Observed her out just now, headed straight for the brush pile, to where the eggs were (I picked them up and brought them in) looked around, left and headed straight back in to the pen. This is the second time in a month we have found a clutch of eggs out. The first was one of the speckled sussex hens. found her in the barn one eve sitting on 14 eggs. We moved her & the eggs into an extra coop we have that is currently empty. I think we scared her when we picked her up, (didn't know eggs were under her) and she stopped sitting on the eggs. Is this a sign that they are going broody? They don't sit on a nest, or show any signs that we have seen to that effect. It is just strange to me, that after 1 yr, this little banty decides to come out of the pen. She has always been able to get out, but just never has. Any ideas? Thanks for any comments! [​IMG]
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