Found a goose


10 Years
Dec 9, 2009
A large, white goose was wandering our country cul-de-sac for 3 - 4 days. His/her wings had been seriously clipped and he/she was shot in the head....pellet gun I believe. I felt sorry for the goose and was afraid it was going to meet it's end with all the coyote and fox out here, so with a neighbor's help, caught the goose and have taken it in. It's living in the shed with a small enclosed pen for night time and a larger fenced area to wander during the day. I know very little about geese, but even I can tell the goose is extremely lonely. I would love to find the goose a good home. If anyone in the Denver Colorado area wants a goose as a pet, please let me know. Also, any advice would be appreciated on care or organizations that may be able to help this poor goose find a home!
Thanks! I posted the same message on the Colorado page & will hope for some kind soul to help this bird out.

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