Found a great chicken treat recipe...has anyone tried it?


7 Years
Jul 9, 2016
Russell, Kansas

I need to give one of my birds who was chewed on by a dog some extra protein, and was considering tuna. Then, I found this recipe.

(I know that posting links is taboo, so you'll have to cut and paste -- I'm really NOT a spammer.)

I'm wondering if anyone has used this recipe?
I don't necessarily see anything wrong with the recipe. If it's just for the one you will need to adjust your amounts. Provide her with her normal feed as well.

If you are wanting extra protein for your injured bird, tuna, mackerel, meat or scrambled/hard boiled eggs are good as well.

I use a 20% protein all flock type feed to begin with, but I do make it into a wet "mash" most days as well and add all kinds of things to it, from hard boiled egg to chopped apple. My chickens love it, think they are getting a treat, but it's really just their balanced feed with a few extras thrown in.

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