Found a hidden nest!


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Sep 20, 2011
I just started getting eggs from my girl Lucielle on Christmas eve. My first eggs at that. I thought my EE Marylinn was laying brown eggs as she was in the nest box was doing the egg song and was squatting. She was acting normally when I got home from work in the evenings so I knew she had layed at least one egg. So now I had two layers both were laying brown eggs.

Marylinn keeps jumping out of the run and I had been looking for a hidden nest but could not find it. Well on Sunday when DH and I were doing chores outside we watched her jump out of the run and go into our gray building. I watched her huddle down in a corner and waited for her to come out. I went in an low and behold there layed 4 GREEN eggs. One was almost blue. So I do have an EE laying green eggs. YIPPEE. Now I just wish she would stay in the coop and lay in the nest boxes. She must prefer the carpet padding to straw. She is such an indoor kind of girl.
That's pretty cool. Maybe you could stick a slab of carpet in one of the boxes?

I have a leghorn I need to keep an eye on - the people I got her from warned me that she has a habit of hiding eggs from them. Kind of a fun challenge, don't ya think?
Congrats on the green eggs from your EE.
And congrats on finding her eggs.

Our EE's fly over every enclosure, inside and out that we have. With the coops separated, we were shocked to find a green egg in the closed coop. We could not figure out how an EE was getting into the closed coop, until we saw her outside, flying over the run fence attached to the closed coop. She flew in, stayed awhile, and flew out. Yep, there was a green egg deposit while she was there.

We have found her eggs behind the oil tank, in window wells, behind the compressor in the barn, under the cement mixer, and recently in a hollowed out nest in one of the bedding bags we have stacked in the barn.

We have 6 EE pullets, some laying and we thought most not, until we were doing some rearranging in our 40x120 barn and found 17 eggs in an impromptu nest behind some pegboard leaning against the outside of one of the fenced coops, eight were different shades of green, and obviously several other breeds who are new layers thought the hidden nest was where they had to lay also.

Just in case your wondering we have 18 nesting boxes in one area, six in another, and 10 in the last area. The EE's lead the charge for the most creative areas to lay, and we have several others who will go to the interesting areas and stand until we find the eggs that have been left there.

Our Easter Eggers live up to their names. It is like an egg hunt every day, and we love it.
Our BR, Queen Bee kept flying over to the neighbor's yard. Well yesterday, she could not be found till the afternoon. She was hiding in the neighbor's weeds, sitting on 24 eggs. So now we know we know where she was going everyday. Boiled them up & fed them back to the hens.

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I found a few in the hay this Summer... NOT a fun way to find them when you are FEEDING the hay...... Got to the point where I had to stand on something BEFORE I pulled the bale down...


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