found an egg cache - still good?


11 Years
May 22, 2008
Seattle, WA
We thought that our new girls had stopped laying for the winter, but it turns out that they just decided to start laying in a secluded corner near the shed. My son found the cache on one of his rambles around the yard and we brought all the eggs (18!) inside and I rinsed the dirt off of them. Since the temperatures outside have been below 50 at night, and probably no higher than 55 during the day, I figured they should be fine. We have two new hens, and they aren't daily layers, but are pretty reliable. I figured that the 18 eggs were laid over the course of 2 weeks or less.

Today I cracked two to make brownies and the shells had dark spots on the *inside* of them. I felt uneasy about using them; one of them looked perfectly normal on the inside, but the other one's yolk broke apart really quickly once I cracked it. I did the egg test and none of the eggs floated in cold water -- they all sank to the bottom of a bowl. However, a couple of them released a few tiny air bubbles.

I'm wondering if laying in little depression in the wet Seattle weather did damage to some of the eggs -- or if I did them damage when I washed them off (I know that the eggshell has natural oils that keep it non-porous - right? - and either the rain while they were outside or my washing probably didn't help that).

So -- given all that babble, what do you peeps think? Are the eggs safe to use?
Mmm typically I would say good with them not floating. But from the way you described them once opened...I'd say no but cook them back and give them to the chickens:)
hmmm, I found a cache this summer, we ate them....but none of them released a few bubbles when submerged in water.
I would fry them up and feed them back to the chickens...

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