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    Sep 9, 2013
    I have a restaurant and someone decided to drop off two chickens on my property. One Rooster and matching hen. I believe they are Golden Campines by looking at pictures but can't be sure and cannot get close enough to them to take a picture or catch.
    I do have other two hens and a coop at my home. How to safely catch them and what about introducing them to my other two girls. I am very new to this chicken raising and since both my other chickens were also given to me I am not even sure of their breed.
    Should I keep the Rooster separated from the hens since they are not the same breeds.
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    Really nice of previous owner to drop them off by a restaurant [​IMG]. I have used a big fishing net but a laundry basket could work. It would help if you could drive them in to a corner because, scared birds are very fast. It is usually a good idea to keep new birds quarantined for at least a couple weeks. Birds that are stressed are more likely to get sick and could make your other birds sick. After quarantine period it helps if birds can see each other but are separated by a fence so, they can get used to each other for a few days to a week, then put them together at night when they are roosting. When they wake up together you should watch them to make sure they are getting along. Mixed breeds together are fine unless you want pure bred chicks. If you don't want chicks - you really don't need a rooster. Best Wishes with your new adoptions.
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    You are taking a chance of getting your own flock sick or even losing them by putting them together without a quarantine period. If you keep them, they should be kept in a separate area well away from yours for at least a month, during which you can observe them, especially for respiratory symptoms and parasites. Even then, there is no guarantee they are diseae free.

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