Found free window sashes, installation help?

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    Apr 21, 2016
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    So today I beat the garbage truck to four window sashes, two big and two smallish. I haven't measured them yet (in fact I have yet to take them out of my car), but I do know they are thick and heavy. I was wondering if it was worth the effort of turning these sashes into functional open/close Windows, or if it would be simply not worth it and I should continue to look for free/discounted complete Windows? So far the cheapest window on Craig's list I found was $50 :/

    That and I honestly don't know where to start to make these an open/close window. Maybe somehow build a frame around it? I have a tool that can cut a channel into a piece of wood, but it would be free handed and it would be super difficult if not impossible on making a straight channel.
    If worst comes to worst, I can always use the two smaller sashes as perm infant window fixtures, or even make it so I can easily remove/replaces the window sashes during the warm/colder seasons (though I'm kind of Leary on doing that as it seems like it would be a pain in the butt and I think it would be smarter to somehow put them on a horizontal sliding track or hinges so I can close them if it rains).

    I have not yet started on my actual coop itself, I was seeing what kind of materials I could gather before starting my frame sketch, if that makes sense. Also these windows will not be my only source of ventilation, I'm planning on leaving room at the top of the coop where the roof meets open all the way around (with hardware cloth covering it).

    Any help is appriciated!

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