Found my baby chicken this morning not acting right! Will post photos! Any ideas what's wrong!


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Mar 30, 2013
Found my baby chciken acting sick, not like its self. Any ideas what it could be. Seems when her neck gets under her she can not get it back up without my help.she is 5 weeks old, on medicated chick starter feed. No heavy breathing no watery eyes. She tried to sit on a roosting bar and she just somersaulted forward and landed on her back. Something is wrong. I am not usually able to hold her and when I picked her up she did not make a noise about it. Something is not right!!!
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You'll need to provide more information such as her age and what her symptoms are. Is she getting medicated chick feed? Blood in her poop? Watery eyes or nose? Heavy breathing?
No she just pooped was a little runny but no blood her eyes are and nose are not watery no heavy breathing. That is what is so weird!!!!! And yes she is about 5weeks old on medicated chick feed. Any ideas now ? Is she just tired?
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She just pooped again and all that came out was water. Do you think I need to isolate her?
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I have been researching and it sound like she has wray neck or more likely vitamins difencency carolynf any ideas on what to give to the pullet?
It does sound like wry neck or crook neck. I was just reading a thread last week concerning the use of using vitamin E capsules, and selenium tablets, and combining with PolyViSol baby vitamins to treat. The writer also suggested islolating the chick, so it wouldn't be stressed. The condition improved a bit each day, but sometimes can last for weeks.

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