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  1. Well, 2 nights ago I noticed that my EE was missing. Then today I remembered that I havent gotten any eggs from her in 2 weeks. So I went around checking where she usually hangs out, and behold, there she is! Sitting on, get this, 15 huge green eggs! She has been sitting for at least 2-3 days. I really dont need any mixed breed chickens, and it is almost mid-october and getting cold.

    What should I do? I could move her and her eggs into a pen in the garage, and let her raise them, and try to sell the chicks when they get around 8-10 weeks, or I could throw out the eggs, which I would feel bad about. What would you do?
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    So glad you found her!

    I would let her hatch them and sell them at 1-3 days.
  3. Quote:The thing is. How do I go about selling them? Ive never sold chicks or grown birds. I suppose I could put up flyers in my local Agway.
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    and you could post on Craigslist!

    You could even offer a few of them free on the freecycle Internet board nearest you - that's always fun to do.
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    A couple days is nothing. I let my broodies have eggs for a few days and then swap them out. If it was any more than that, you might get a tiny bit of blood. If you really don't want to hatch now, you could also candle them tonight and see what you see. It might make it easier for you to decide. That's a lot of baby winter chicks.
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    Mar 3, 2008 is probably THE best way to sell baby chicks...
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    Craigslist is good but what about this site Chick & Chickens -BuySellTrade?
  8. I was thinking it over, and making a list of pros and cons, and I had to take her off the nest. [​IMG] Its starting to get very cold, and im sure the chicks would die from the cold. They would only be around 4 weeks when it gets 0 degrees. Its just to cold to raise baby chicks during the winter.
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    I think you made the right choice [​IMG]
  10. Thanks. In the spring Ill be more than happy to let her sit on a big clutch of eggs. [​IMG]
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