found something weird in fresh egg


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Apr 30, 2012
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i started to make scrambled eggs the other day and I saw that odd looking stuff in one of the eggs. The eggs where a day or two old.I ended up throwing it out. Any idea what it is and if it is dangerous to the chickens or for the family to eat. Thanks so much

that looks like a bit of the egg tube lining

nothing to worry about

sometimes the lining sheds and gets into the eggs

just remove with a spoon and carry on I say

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We've never had any problems with eating them either, I have some quite old ex cagers so I get it alot, it's just like eating the fertile bit, tasteless, textureless and without real consequence or so I have found.
Thank you for all the replays. The weird stuff was in an egg that had a full yolk and a normal white. Does the same advice apply? Thanks again. Nadine

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