Found what I believe is a king pigeon or a dove? Not sure what to do..

Discussion in 'Pigeons and Doves' started by courtneebot, Jul 12, 2016.

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    Oct 21, 2015
    Late Sunday night I happened to see a pure white bird along the side of my driveway. I thought it was strange so I decided to take a closer look and realized the bird could not fly. I captured it and brought it in. I was under the impression it was a white dove. I wasn't sure if this was someone's pet or a wild bird. I was leaning towards pet because it could not fly and it is an extremely odd sight to see a bird like this in the wild around my house. I could not locate any rescues or rehabilitation centers that could take the bird in so I decided I would take the bird to the vet myself just to check for any broken wings or other injuries. I went to the vet today and the vet told me the bird appears to be in good health, doesn't have clipped wings and she can't seem to give me a reason on why it can not fly. She also told me she did not believe it was a dove but that it was possibly a pigeon. She told me she couldn't say for sure whether it was a wild bird or someone's pet but that I should not release it until it could fly and if that didn't happen within two weeks or so I should consider re-homing the bird to another family or keeping it myself. I did some more research and it appears that it could be a king pigeon, which are birds that can't fly because they are domesticated. Surprisingly there is little information on how exactly to care for a pigeon. I have bought some pigeon food, an XL dog crate which I have set up some shelves in, grit, a few parrot toys, a dish for bathing, and I made a nest with an old pan and some strips of t-shirt. I've been searching lost pet pages around the area and haven't seen anyone missing a bird. At this point I am pretty lost on how to properly care for this bird and what to do from here. I could really use some advice.

    Here is a picture, I do not have a better one as I am trying to handle it minimally to avoid stress until I can get it acclimated to it's new environment. It's pure white and has very red legs.


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    Search for your local pigeon fanciers' club or pigeon racing in your area. They could probably help you out.
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    Nov 7, 2013
    looks like a doves head log slender beak but looks big in your hands could you post pic of just the bird does it have a band on its leg
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    I am sure its a white pigeon. It is likely a domesticated one as its so tame to be handled. If its got no leg bands on its likely to be just a common garden 'dove' that people keep free flying in their gardens to look pretty... and they roost in a dovecote.. like fantail doves.

    What you have set up is perfect for it. Well done.

    It likely can not fly because it is too tired from getting lost and flying about looking for its home... and not finding enough to eat. Sometimes strong wind blows them away, or a predator scares them away... even the young ones or unpaired birds will fly off to look for new homes if their dovecote is overcrowded and there are no nesting places for them.

    Once it is rested and gained some strength it will be able to fly.

    It's not a king pigeon... as they are huge and you would need both hands to hold it! And king pigeons can fly well enough.. just not far like homing pigeons.
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    Jul 20, 2016
    I saw your pic. It looks just like my white dove. Are you going to keep it? I would love to adopt it! I just lost one of my 2 white doves to old age 2 weeks ago. I miss her so bad and I'm looking for another one. Please respond!!

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