Four 10day old ducks and more ducklings/goslings arriving tomorrow - ok in the same brooder or separ


9 Years
Apr 12, 2010
NW Missouri
Well, the title pretty much says it …...
I have four 10 day old ducklings (3 runners and 1 swedish) in the brooder. They go outside during the day if it is warm enough. Tomorrow morning I will get my 3 ducks and 4 goslings from metzer farms. This is my first year with ducks/geese so I don't have any experience. Will they be ok in the same brooder or do I have to put them in separate ones until the new ones are a little bit bigger. The outside duck/geese house is not completed yet, hopefully by next weekend we will have it finished.
My brooder box is 3 by 5 ft.
Sorry to "bump" this but I am getting a little bit nervous since I haven't gotten a answer and my new babies will be here tomorrow morning. I know that chicks can be pretty mean to "little" ones and I have no idea if duckling/goslings would do the same. If I have to separate them for a while I have to come up with a set up tonight… Help !!??!!!
The best i can tell you is to try. That said be prepared it won't be okay, i also from what little i know on goslings is they grow much quicker. Bullying can happen, even at young ages.. i did once mix some birds that were about 2wks apart and it did work but i was prepared if it did not, so i will advise the same.

Good luck, love to see your new babies!

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