Four 3 Year Old Buffs intro to 10 Austrolorps


8 Years
May 12, 2011
I have 10 4 week old Austrolorps and 4 older ladies and a small partridge Cochin Rooster. The rooster is keeping the ladies in line. They free range during the day in a large 20 x 40 enclosure nd have a 4 x 6 coop secured at night. The babies are 4 weeks old the outside temps are in the 70's. what next? My plan is to put a small run in the larger enclosure and let the babies start spending the days outside with the older hens. Bringing them inside at night. after about a week I planned on letting then intermingle during the day and separating them at night. then after 2 weeks let them coop with the ladies? HELP AM I ON TRACK

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