Four week-old Buff can't stand; toes are curled!


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This is my four week-old Buff. About two mornings ago, I caught her not able to support her own weight, just "waddling" around on curled toes. She sits back on her knees. We've tried two different wraps/splints for her feet.

But they seem kind of awkward and bulky. These pictures are of the second one, the current wrap. Could this problem be a deficiency, an injury, or a genetic problem?

If anyone has gone through this, I would love to know what worked for them. I'm a beginning chicken keeper, and this is VERY frustrating! Thank you!
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Could be vitamin b2 deficiency (riboflavin).

Some use poly vi sol without iron (you can search byc for dosage), which are baby vitamins. They do also sell poultry vitamins at the feed store and online.

Curled toe paralysis or curly toe paralysis, it is also called.
X 2. The usual dosage for Polyvisol without iron is 3 drops daily by mouth. Poultry vitamins are also available for the water. 100 mcg or micrograms daily of B2 riboflavin can be given daily--don't delay because the longer this takes place, the curled toe paralysis may be come permanent.
Thanks! Where do they sell B2 riboflavin for chickens? Or do you use human grade? I am using Durvet vitamins and electrolytes now. How does that compare with Nutri Drench or Polyvisol?
I have some news about my chicks that is both good and bad. Another of my chicks (the Wyandotte) sits on her hocks sometimes, and occasionally her feet narrow like the other one's, but she can still walk. This is a mixed blessing, since now it seems less likely that both would have slipped tendons, so I can focus more of my attention on treating a deficiency. We are boosting the B12, and I added the Wyandotte to the original chick's box.
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