Fourth attempt


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Jul 12, 2009
Warm Springs, GA
I set 20 BO eggs this morning. This is the fourth time trying to incubate eggs. Last year I tried twice (no success) and then I had some hens go broody, so I let nature do her work. Early Feb. I set 20 eggs, 5 were non-fertile, only 1 hatch
Of course, I was tickled pink that I even had one hatch, but also disappointed because I only had one hatch. I made some changes to my homemade bator and the temp and humidity seem to more constant now. Took me three days to get it adjusted just right. Hoping for a decent hatch this time
Good luck with this hatch! Hopefully you fixed your problem and can get those little chicklets through the hatch alive and healthy.
I've had some problems with my homemade bator also and I'm hoping I fixed the problem because I just put 70 eggs in to have a hatch for Easter.

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