FOWL POX, chicks born with it!

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    Okay, so I noticed my RIR with the dry warts, looked here for answers, and self diagnosed what it was. I DO NOT give my chickens meds of any kind ever...I let nature take its course. They can survive without human interference so...
    She had it on every part of her without feathers. I hatch my own from March to September each year...bout 150 or so... They are incubated inside my home, and live inside until feathered out. No outside contact at all. I knew pox was contagious, and as soon as I myself started having facial acne (for the first time in 25 years) after handling the sick ones...I knew it affects me too in some way! The babies of that hen that I hatched CAME OUT OF THE EGGS WITH WARTS! Like the one in the pic. See the distorted beak as well?! Out of 103 chickens 23 total got it; 3 babies hatched with it, gave it to 4 other chicks, 11 'teens' and 5 grown chickens in the coop got it. The younger they were the worse it seemed. I have one who survived who still walks a little lop-legged, and if you look close at some of the older ones, there are a couple of scars...but all in all, only 8 who got it died...and they were 2 months or younger...I did nothing for them. I knew they could give it to the others, but thought a natural immunity with the survivors would be good. I didn't quarantine them or anything. The main reason for death was loss of eyesight = the warts covered their eyes and grew together. The warts fell off by themselves, and the seeping lasted only a few days. Within 3 weeks all signs were gone. The lil ones are all grown now. A few seem a little short, but otherwise are normal.; except for Loppyleg.
    I do warn though, animals KNOW when something is wrong with a fellow, and they will torment the sick or dying. So while I didn't quarantine, I did provide a cage with an opening only large enough for the 'teens' to hide out in. And until they were 'well' they did spend a lot of time in there away from the others. When I say teens, I mean 2.5 months or younger.
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    X2 Unless fowl pox has mutated somehow???? But definitely would get that necropsy done...very strange indeed!!!
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