Fowl pox vaccine advise


Apr 17, 2015
Homestead Florida
ok, so I've been doing some research since I've already had one hen with the pox and now a roo has it and it's mosquito season here in Florida and would really like to help prevent it from spreading. After reading past post here and Google, what I've found is that I should use chick-n- pox on day old chicks and revaccinate at 12 weeks with poxine. For laying hens I should use chick-n-pox. I have chicks and laying hens at the moment. So my question is should I do the laying hens with the chick -n -pox now and not do the chick and just wait till the chicks are about 6 months old and revaccinate with the chick -n-pox? This way I can skip the poxine at 12 weeks of age. I'm just trying to avoid stabbing my chicks so many times. Your thoughts? Thanks in advance!

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