Fowl pox?

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  1. bryan8

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    May 21, 2009
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    One of my hens has black dots on her comb.. I'm not sure if it cuts or fowl pox.

    What is the teatment for fowl pox?



  2. Judy

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    Feb 5, 2009
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    Does sound like fowl pox. It's a virus so there really is no treatment for the disease itself. It will run its course and then they will be immune.

    Many put some Betadine or Neosporin on the black spots to prevent a secondary bacterial infection, which is not unlikely if there are a large number of them, or they cover large areas. Also, watch for wet pox, which is lesions in the mouth/respiratory system, which can be fatal. Some say vaccinating them after the lesions start helps to shorten the course or make it milder, but most just let it run its course and watch for complications, I believe. I did the latter, and they are fine now. I had one (of 25 or so) who got a really heavy load of lesions, and the others started attacking her and pinning her down and pecking. Her whole head was swollen from secondary infection, and I ended up culling.
  3. Sonoran Silkies

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    Fowl Pox is spread by mosquitoes, so you need to remove standing water, add Mosquito Dunks to any that you cannot remove amd spray all brushy areas where mosquitos gather as well as the coop with something like malathion that will kill mosquitos. This will reduce, but not eliminate them, so in addition, nightly spray the coop with a repellant such as you would use on yourself.

    Iodine on the lesions will cause them to dry out and scab over and heal sooner; swab any internal lesions with listerine (original iscky tasting kind).
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    A friend of mine (Bedste on BYC) had fowl pox in her flock, and she chose to vaccinate the birds who weren't sick, and had great success. The vaccine is about $6/1000 doses, so it might be worth it to you.

    Let me see if i can find the link to her thread.

    She actually has several, and there have been quite a few fowl pox threads here lately. I think this one will give a lot of helpful information to you.

    In wet areas like where we live, mosquitoes are not preventable, and i'm not willing to use the amount of poison on my land that it would take to really keep the mosquitoes away. So i think for us, the vaccine is quite reasonable, and it's pretty cheap.

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