Fowl Pox?


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May 12, 2012
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I have 4 girls that are just a year old and two of them have gone broody. I only keep hens as we are not allowed Roos because I am in the coastal suburbs.
Anyhow the broody girls have been at about 2 weeks. I usually go out once a day and force them out of the nest box and they are fine to scratch and peck about and have some water.
They are all eating pooping and drinking pretty normal but 3 now have lite scabs on their combs.
I called the local feed store and they said they will be fine it just needs to run its course. Here are some pics of my girls combs. Is there anything I should do for them
Ok geez I took theses this morning and you can't see the spots. Maybe it shows up better on a computer. I am posting from my phone. I can take some more pics tomorrow.
I can see the small black spots you might be concerned about...

not an expert but what I have read about Fowl Pox is that it starts as a blister,
yellowish type spot then develops black scabbing.... had you seen anything before the
black spots showed up?

it could be from mosquito bites? gnats? flies? or pecking? just guessing, but if you have
standing water around, that should be dumped w/ mosquito's breeding and can bite the

a rooster of mine has black on his comb but his is from a fight...dried blood looks
that way and even after cleaning still looks black but better..

good luck....hopefully someone knowing more with more experience will see your post
and you could get better help....
I hang out with my girls regularly so I am pretty certain that I would have noticed yellow spots. So no I don't recall seeing anything previous.
We don't have any standing water but someone must because we have mosquitos.
One of them actually seemed to have fresh blood that had just clotted. My girls all get along and I have yet to see a squabble.
I called the local feed store and she said not to worry. She says it's a virus just let it run it's course. She said may be give them some pedialyte in the water and don't let them get too stressed or handle them too much.
I am going to give them extra treats and TLC and hope for the best :) I am not too worried but sure hope they get well soon.

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