Fox and chickens


Nov 5, 2019
Looking for ideas on fox proofing my coop area. The chickens free range during day and have big steel cloth secure coop that they can come and go at any time. I keep them locked up at night. The foxes have been killing them whenever opportunity presents itself. My two standard poodles have become good predator dogs but they miss a few. I live on the side of a mountain and want to put up some predator proof fencing. I think electric is my best option. I want them to have a secure area to be in when I am not around. I have a Premier 1 catalog, it looks like it can be done. Is there any set ups that would give me an idea if electric is for us ? Like a small trial set up before I order a bunch of fencing. I would need to open and close the fencing for my ducks, they free range ( Muscovy) and never are bothered by foxI- they are too big! It is wooded where I live and I am just unsure of how to go about this. Any experts out there? Any and all info appreciated. This is my first year having chickens and I really love them and want to figure out how to keep them around. These are photos of coop area, the actual coop is built in log lean 2 next to garage. Some pics of ducks and chickens as well
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Fox are very sneaky and could eventually get your ducks too. I have electric wire around my coops and pens. For years I let my birds free range but then they were discovered by predators. I had a coyote jump a fence and got into a pen. It did jump the fence to get out and so did some of the birds. It did kill a few. I did shoot it but had bird shot in my gun so I didn't kill it but it took off. Good luck...
The vegetation will make setting up and maintaining a perimeter more labor intensive. I would clear a perimeter where fencing to be placed so you have roughly a 6 foot wide strip the fencing would be in the middle of.

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