Fox Attack - Any Hope?

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    Sep 3, 2009

    Outside this morning, found rooster has been attacked overnight. The Pen has been pretty safe until now, but something must have got in, hens are now secured elsewhere.

    Would appreciate any advice, he's lost quite a bit of blood, and seems to be bleeding right now from his backside. Although it does appear to be reasonably stable, i.e. it's not dripping.

    I don't want to stress him out until I decide what to do, so he's standing in a sheltered spot right now.

    In countryside in Ireland, and local vets only deal with Large animals.

    Any advice appreciated. Picture Below: Him hiding in bushes, and what looks like him losing blood when he went loo.

    And, if worst case scenario, what's the most humane way to euthanise.

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    Jan 11, 2007
    chickens are actually more tolerant of blood loss than mammals
    You need to flush the wounds with sterile saline > you can make this yourself by boiling 1/2 tsp salt in a liter water for five minutes (roiling boil) and letting cool after (if there are any punctures be sure to flush copiously INSIDE the puncture)
    Do you have a better photo to post of the wound itself?
    Until you get abiotic cream (do call your vet and explain what has happened and ask them if you can purchase a suitable antibiotic cream to smear on the open wound area > I am pretty sure you will find one who is willing to do this)
    Your bird will be in shock from the attack and will need electrolytes in the water (your feed/ag store should this > I use the one for pigeons)
    Keep separated in a quiet CLEAN place until he has recovered. He may seem wild and shocky now but he will soon become accustomed to your handling him.
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