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Jun 3, 2018
Around 4:30am on Saturday we heard that very distinct squawk from a chicken that a predator was in there. By the time my husband got out there he saw a fox running off with a chicken. The fox actually dropped the chicken when he chased it off - and she was still alive. She was in a complete state of shock, limp and lifeless but her eyes would open and she was breathing. I tucked her into next to my bed in a hamper and assessed her wounds as best as I could. She has several puncture wounds and a larger wound under her wing. I’ve been spraying the wounds with vetericyn. The wounds don’t seem infected. Not red, no pus or oozing. She has a lot of bruising near all of the wounds. She has zero interest in drinking or eating. I’ve been syringing water with electrolytes. Yesterday (Sunday) she seemed to perk up just a little, i even put her in a pen outside for a bit and she stood and was able to walk some. I was worried about her wounds and flies though so I brought her back in. Today though, she seems worse. Hunkered down in the laundry basket, more limp than yesterday. Still no interest in eating or drinking on her own. Putting favorite treats in front of her, she has no interest. I don’t want to go down the road of tube/syringe feeding. Weve had predators but never had a chicken survive so this is all new to me. How long would you give her before putting her down humanely? Obviously I’m sure she’s in pain, has no energy from lack of food and is probably still in a state of shock. I don’t want to make her hold on just for our sake. But we obviously had to try.
Wow, your story sounds so similar to something that happened to me two weeks ago, a fox got my favourite chicken ‘crackers’ but dropped her when we ran into the garden to chase it off
She was in a pretty sorry state for nearly 5 days
We syringed electrolytes and checked for wounds, cuts etc
She stayed in her ‘box’ in the kitchen for 4 days then began to stand and move around slowly, the upshot now two weeks later is she’s back with her 6 ‘sisters’ she just needed recovery time from a huge shock
Hope you are encouraged and your chicky is recovering

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