fox getting chicken's in coop

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    Aug 18, 2013
    I need to bait a live trap with something that cats are not interested in but a fox will be so I won't keep catching domestic cats, cats like so many thing's!?, I have fox getting inside my chicken coop getting the chicken's, I've gotten rid of the coons that were a problem, but now its the foxes!? can someone help me out?, thanks
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    Welcome to BYC from West TN !

    I saw a post a couple of weeks back about some one catching a fox in a live trap doing the following.

    Set live trap with a bird cage placed against the back end.. Then covering all with a tarp to black it out. They are usually pretty tough to catch in a live trap.

    If the fox is still getting into the coop or run and you can keep the other pets away you could also look into using a cable snare.. Check youtube on how to make and set..

    Last resort make your coop a fort knox to keep them out.

    It may be in this thread.

    Good Luck and Let us Know how it goes.
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    How are they getting in?....that's what you need to fix.
    Hot wire around coop works good too.
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