Fox problem


7 Years
Jun 16, 2012
Stockport, England
This morning my husband came down stairs to find one of our chickens in the garden headless. Thank god the kids didn't come down stairs first!!!!
Since then my son and I have been collecting up the feathers from the garden as there was loads and came across 1 chicken buried in the back flower bed in the loose soil headless so now only one missing which I presume the fox has taken, we have looked everywhere all i can see is a few spots of blood and a lot of feathers.
Looking to get some more as the kids are devastated, my 5 yr old girl used to carry my bantam around like a doll and talk to her all the time.
Anyway I've been doing a bit of research on fox deterrents and there's a lot of people saying that men's urine around the boundary line works really well and human hair, any thoughts on this???? Has anyone had success with this???
My dog kennels are only about twenty metres (if that) from my coop. The coop is very secure, but I'm sure the dogs are helping keep foxes away. Also there are these radio type things that emit a low frequency sound that's supposed to keep the foxes away. Not sure what they're called exactly, never used them either.

My only other suggestion is the best defense is a good offense. If you have a rifle or shoty you might want to do a stake out.
If he's killing scent deterrents won't work.Activity won't dissuade him either unless it's something constant that scares him (like a dog). He has plenty of time to watch what's going on and wait till activity is at it's lowest since you can't be outside all the time. He has already decided the risk is worth the reward. Time to look into trapping or hunting.
Have a wonderful day.
Thanks for the reply guys think I'll look into the sound thing as I'm in a built up area of the UK and can't shoot them. Or kill them unless I live on a farm so I have to let peoples cats and foxes have free reign of ma garden because it would seem like cruelty to trap or kill either even though my chickens are a food source for my family! But if I lived on a farm I could just need to save a few thou n buy a farm I'd b in my element (country girl at heart)
sorry rant over!!
Since you can't kill or trap the fox, maybe your best bet would be a secure coop and run for the chickens. The fox knows where his next dinner is and will be returning for more.

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