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11 Years
Jul 10, 2010
southern AL
We have an issue with a fox family teaching their babies how to hunt... using my ducks and chickens. Seems to be an issue during the summer. So for the last 2 years, we've had to pen the girls up (now 4 ducks and 1 chicken) from late June through September. Their pen has an electric fence and minus the ones we lost that found their way OVER the fence into the yard and then couldn't get back in, the 4' fencing with electric fencing has worked so far.

We would like to move their pen and I have a 25x25 fenced garden that has sort of been taken over by the crazy grass here. DH and I were talking today and he suggested maybe we just move the girls to the garden - water is right there and power is still close by. He'd like to get away from the electric fence. I'm planning to use the current fence to lay an apron around the new pen which will deter digging.
So that seems like it should be ok for the bottom.

The top... how?
I've asked here and been told a fox will easily clear a 6' fence. I've read a bunch saying 6' should be enough. I have also read that a solid top fence that can easily be seen makes it easier for a fox to decide to go over, but if it is loose at the top, they are less likely to go over.
If we use 6' fencing with a 2x4 at about 4 feet up and then leave the top 2' without attaching to to anything at the top, but still tight, can I string 2 layers of rope or something that will easily move in the breeze to make a less defined top? Or do I have to electrify the top of the fence still

Something along the lines of this, but without the top rail and then maybe stringing some wire or rope or something at the top to make it loose (or is that not really a deterrent for foxes deciding to try to scale or jump a 6' fence?)
My only concern with the fencing is keeping foxes out since the foxes can fit through the field fencing around our property and get into our yard.
6' is easy for a fox. I once saw a video of a fox in the UK trying to get into a pen that was 10' high chain link surrounded at the base by electric wire. After several attempts, it got to the top of the fence and climbed over. Animals don't follow the same rules that control how human bodies work.

I would try putting the electric fence around your entire property, either just inside or just outside your perimeter fencing.

Or cantilever some wire at the top of your garden fence toward the outside topped with the electric wire.

If you build it, they will come.
The fox can clear such a fence although that does not mean they will. Sometimes they do not know what is required, sometimes not motivated as perceived benefits not worth the effort / risks,

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