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    Jun 13, 2009
    white springs, fl
    I have been predator free for a little while...everyone has been free ranging and enjoying life...last night I lost a young Toulouse on coming home from shopping, I spied a mangy, skinny fox exiting my property far too close to the bird yard...odd to see IT out in the daylight looked sickly and just stopped and stared at me...not frightened in any way by the close proximity of me and my truck...I will be standing guard tonight and resetting the traps...they, the traps, have had a holiday but now it is time to get back to work...I am sick over my little goose...and the adults were very upset this a.m. when I went out to feed them and visit...they were all grouped up with the ducks under the peach one laying down resting as per normal behavior...and they were silent...that rarely happens too, espicially when I exit the house...they are usually very loud in their morning greeting and expectation of food or treats...I am totally over run with wild rabbits so it is not like there is nothing else out there for the predators to eat...I guess my birds are cheap and easy meals...I hate this...
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    I'm sorry about the loss of your goose. We recently had a run-in with a fox and now have a .22 on standby.

    Best of luck trapping it. Please be careful - it doesn't sound like it's healthy.
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    Jun 21, 2011
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    We have had a fox problem for a while and just recently got it resolved. When baiting the traps we tried chicken and all kinds of meat and nothing seemed to work all we would catch was coons and opossums. Then one guy started trapping for us and he used fox urine and that stuff worked wonders. And the way you described it, it sounds like that fox could have raibies so you want to be very careful. [​IMG]

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