Freakin' Chicken Coop


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Mar 28, 2013
I built this in three days, so give me a break.

First off I wanted to be as cheap as I could. Living in Everett, WA doing this was a bit hard.

I begged some scrap wood off some construction sites. From there I spent about 150$ at Home Depot for 2x2s (x15 at 1.89 each), and some 2x4s (2.70-ish each) and three slats of roofing at about 14$ each. Then some screws and what not. This, all together, was about 150. I already had the chicken wire from the bunny coop project.

Found some wood stain in the garage to seal the wood with from the rain.

Here we star with the base. Turns out the wood is actually 3 1/2 in by 1 1/2 and 4 in off 8ft, but I didn't find this out till most of the way through. Because of this I had a few mis-measurements.

Oh, and the 2x2s are also 1 1/2 in by 1 1/2 in. ***. . . . . whatever.

Then I began the actual hen house. I didn't end up using the wood I originally had up there because I had to reposition the entrance hole.

I compleated this all on day 1. Below are the side doors that ended the day, unfinished as I was losing light.

Day 2

Got the side doors painted and on. As well as the roof then moved it into position.

I've already taken off the front of the hen house for the new front that was currently drying.


Here is my sad attempt at an egg shaped entrance hole.

Here are the nesting boxes inside.

I think they like it!

In conclusion: the wood stain looks nice and it keeps the water off well. Because of a few mis-measurements the door into the coop is a bit wonky, but it works.

After all it's not the Ritz.
It's a
Freakin' Chicken Coop.
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Nice work in 3 days!! I see a problem with your nest boxes though.... Your birds will roost on the edges of the nest boxes (just like your last picture!) and you will have poo in the nests. It will not be fun cleaning each of those nest boxes daily. Not sure how many birds you have but I would consider a bank of nest boxes (covered so that they cannot roost on the edge) on one side of the coop and a roost bar on the other side of the coop.

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