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    Okay, so I have some Ducks. 4 Actually. 2 are Cayugas, 1 is a Buff, and 1 is a Blue Swedish. I have had ducks before, but these ducks are waayy too loud! My male Cayuga is quiet of course, becuase he only makes his raspy calls. But my females. Ooohh, they are another story! My Buff female is kinda quiet becuase she can't quack that loud, but my Swedish and my Cayuga are the majors! Especially the Cayuga! I used to have only two ducks, but the female died from a raccoon or fox. And the male I have now used to be her mate. He is my life :3 But, the girls are skittish of me, but are warming up a bit from excessive treats! [​IMG]Gosh...Haha, but I put sheets on two of the sides of their coop walls becuase we have mesh walls with some wood, with a concrete substance of a floor but it's smoothe. They have quieted down alot, but they still quakc from time to time at night. I am freaking out becuase I live in Florida, in a residential neighborhood with one close neighbor and one that can sorta hear them. I mean, they don't complain or yell or anything at us or the ducks. But I can feel they wanna do something..My parents say that our neighbors would never call the Head people of the neighborhood...But stil, I don't want to give up my duckies! They are my life, even though some of them would run from me.. [​IMG] But still! I don't want them to go, if my neighbors do anything..I mean, the main reason they do it is if they hear something out of the coop, or they want to be let out, which I can do, becuase I am at school and my parents are at work until late in the day..Advice is needed greatly! I don't care if it's the tiniest thing, anything will help!! Please!

    -Cara [​IMG]
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    I'm having the same problem, but it didn't start until my other duck (her friend) was killed. Now it seems she is sad about her friend being gone. (Even though she is now with 2 more ducks I incubated... ) Mine gets mad if I'm not out there at the crack of dawn to let her out. Really? Or if she sees a person, she'll start quacking. She weird though, always has been kinda... different. I know my neighbors won't call anyone cuz they think they are cute, but I still wonder if they'll get annoyed. I know I am! She's such a pain!

    Anyway, I have no advice, but I feel your pain. Maybe someone will come along with some suggestions.
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    When my ducks are going through a loud phase I shut them in their house at night. The house is enclosed on all sides and the roof and two walls are insulated (with fibreglass insulation). This contains the noise very well.

    So if I were you I'd put walls on all sides of your duck house and doors. Putting absorbant material in there will help too - like old bits of carpet attached to the roof and top half of the walls. You want to deaden the sound - which means surfaces that won't bounce the sound around but will absorb it.

    Even just turning a part of your duck pen into an enclosed house will help - you don't need to do the whole pen. Just allow about 3 to 4 sq feet per duck in the house.

    Good luck! I know that worrying about duck noise is very stressful.
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    Aww...Same with me!!

    I can tell my dad that, but he'll probably just say no....But I'll try and get my mom too buy some carpets! ^.^ lol Thanks
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    Food or attention.

    Mine will start 'laughing' at 4 am......thats MY hint that someone wants breakfast in bed.

    My big female gives me the nicest waking ALL the neighbors or getting the pond ducks upset....when she gets hungry.

    They are on a regular feeding schedule but sometimes they get hungry for some reason. They know that food is about 6am...but she'll scream anyway.
    Sometimes I can just go pick her up and she's ok. She's just bored and wants to be held for a few minutes. But, food always works.
    I guess its my fault....since I took their internet away they have no choice but to scream when they want to talk to the pond ducks...
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    Quote: [​IMG] I'm afraid to ask...
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    You may be able to get some free carpet if you look in the right places. I install tile for a couple stores and they throw away all the outdated carpet samples that have been on display in the store. If you ask nicely most of them would rather give them away than pay to have them hauled away (although I have been charged up to .50 each for them at times).

    Also, the carpet installers will come and unload the trash from their install jobs into the stores dumpster: Used carpet and padding (some gross...some almost new) as well as the cut-off pieces of brand new padding and carpet that are not large enough to be useful anymore. We have gotten several strips that are 2 to 3 feet wide and up to 15 feet long for use in our dog room as sleeping rugs this way. Again, usually the store is more than happy to have the stuff hauled away rather than fill up their least they do where I live.

    Good luck. I really hope you can sort this out. I just adopted a pair of Pekins from a man in New Orleans a few weeks ago. When he got them his neighbors loved them, but then they got REALLY loud and he was forced to re-home them. Guess he didn't want to hassle with soundproofing his coop and continually worrying about having issues with his neighbors: Glad you love your duckies enough to fight to keep them.[​IMG]

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