Free Buff Brahma Bantam 6 week old Roosters


6 Years
Jan 26, 2013
6 weeks ago we purchased a dozen straight run Buff Brahma Bantam chicks from a hatchery (Ideal), with the intention of keeping 4 or 5 pullets once they got old enought to determine gender. I'm pretty sure about 4 of the kids being Roos, so I'd like to find them homes if anyone is interested and lives close enough to the DFW Texas area to come get them. They are still in the brooder, but pretty fully feathered and off the heat lamp. I've been turning the lights out at night so they are used to night/day.

I can't guarantee they ones I suspect to be males are indeed males - except for the one that crowed this morning :) In a couple more weeks I hopefully will be able to ID a couple more males and possibly an extra pullet to give away as we get down to our final 4 or 5 "keepers". Here's pics of the group in general so you can see what they look like. Best way to reach me is via email @ [email protected]



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